Why Have Some Conservatives Turned on DeSantis?

Before we delve into the meat and taters of this article, I want you, dear reader, to understand that the following info may upset you. It may even make you dislike me, and that is okay because I am not on this planet to be liked. However, I do ask that you genuinely consider what I am attempting to convey and approach it from a self-critical standpoint. Be intellectually honest with yourself.


Because “I Said so” were words many of us hated to hear growing up. Yet today, we are quick to accept those words from the politicians we support. For example…

Just a few months ago, conservatives across the nation were enthusiastically praising Ron DeSantis. In fact, his boldness and willingness to stand up against an oppressive COVID regime (initiated, funded, and still defended by Donald J. Trump, by the way) had even lifelong Democrats questioning their own beliefs. From a purely academic perspective, it was a sociological phenomenon to behold. His popularity was off the charts.


From challenging woke corporations with leftist grooming agendas to implementing policies that protect Floridians from oppressive ESG policies, among other significant stances, Ron “Heavy D” DeSantis consistently achieves conservative victories almost every day. He is a conservative winning machine who has exemplified and enacted the ABSOLUTE master plan that finally provides an answer to the question that regular folks have been asking for decades: How do we steer this country back on track towards a more liberty-minded and sane society?


So, why, pray tell, have some conservatives started turning on him? Many among us, who I have personally heard singing DeSantis’s praises, have begun to question his agenda, his loyalties, and have even resorted to misremembering or outright lying about his accomplishments.


This has truly baffled me and, quite frankly, it disgusts me to witness so many people who supported his policies, including many whom I assumed were politically astute, jumping ship so quickly and without cause.


Because He Said So…

Regardless of how deeply I delve into the source material, I cannot find a single concrete reason for people to do this, other than simply because Trump said so. And this gives me even greater concern because it demonstrates that even conservatives fail to conduct their own research, form their own opinions, and seek a deeper understanding of the political climate.


I mean, to some extent, I can comprehend it. Yes, the first two and three-quarters years of Trump’s presidency were economically prosperous, and his foreign policy was generally sound. However, what so many seem to conveniently forget and forgive is his last year in office. The year that began to crush the very same economy he was primarily responsible for stimulating. The year that fostered an environment of oppression and government dependence. The year that ultimately led to a regime change that cannot acknowledge biological differences or determine what criteria is necessary to define a woman.

You simply cannot print money and distribute stimulus checks as if it were the grand finale of an Oprah episode without consequences. Surely, The Mises Institute and Thomas Sowell both will give ya a big ol’ “CAN CONFIRM” on this.


But what bothers me the most is that I have yet to hear a factual criticism of DeSantis from Trump himself, yet I have heard a multitude of Trump supporters parroting those false criticisms. Look, support your dude. If that’s Trump, so be it. However, do not overlook his flaws while perpetuating and repeating falsehoods about his primary opponents.


Essentially, this entire political cycle is already beginning to feel like high school to me. It’s akin to the once-popular quarterback who took us to regionals but faltered in the fourth quarter, now talking trash about the younger rival with a stronger arm. It reeks of jealousy, arrogance, and petty retaliation. And unfortunately, many of you have fallen for it. It’s time to do better, think harder, and dive deeper. Verify the information you are being told, even if it comes from the person you support.


AND for the love of all that’s holy, stop bashing the guy that you once held in such high regard solely because Trump told you to.

Wes Herndon

Wes Herndon


Wes Herndon isa Co-host of Driveway Liberty Podcast, serial entrepreneur, World’s Okayest Guitar Player, Singer/Songwriter, Web Marketer, Writer, #LibertyAboveAllThings

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