Have you ever wondered how things got so crazy in this world, or better yet, how the left has become so successful at advancing their stances when their ideas are literally nucking futs and ridiculous?

Well, if you excuse the big time assist that they receive from big tech and the media, and/or alleged election fraud, the left’s success can be attributed to one simple tactic: salesmanship.

As someone who has spent a considerable amount of time selling things, training salespeople, and managing them, I have come to realize that the left are literally selling air conditioners to Eskimos. They are experts at it and get the Driveway Liberty award for best salespeople in politics.

What makes them the best? Their use of phrases and words, of course. Those on the left side of the aisle have successfully pinned down a glossary of terms and phrases that illicit the highest possible emotional response…which in turn, allows them to remove logical reasoning from the conversation.  If you’ve ever sold anything for a living, then you realize how important your words are, and that people buy things based on emotion…not logic.

Let me clarify for you non sales folk. Appealing to logic is important in sales but appealing to emotion is what makes people buy the things.

For example, an average manure salesman will tell you that his particular manure will help your crops grow. That’s logical, correct?

On the other hand, the great manure salesman will paint a mental image of how his manure will help pay for your vacation to the Bahamas. Wait! What? Bahamas?  That’s crazy!

The great manure salesman infers that his manure is so stinking great (see what I did there) that it will make your crop abundantly profitable. As a result, the you will be able to afford a family trip to some exotic island in the Caribbean. Now, see the difference between the two?

For the most part, liberty minded people are the first manure salesmen in my example. We appeal to logic, and try to help people draw their own logical and well thought out conclusions to an argument. The left, on the other hand, use emotion to elicit a desired response. A form of manipulation, if you will.

The left is basically taking their manure…umm…I mean, their platform, and tying it to emotions to get their preferred response… which is the winning of elections, the polarization of the citizenry… and the passing of their nation ruining policies. While, admittedly, their are some on the good side who attempt the same thing, the left has it down to a science.

Not convinced yet? Hold up a second and let me share some real-world examples.

  • Labelling political enemies: When any liberal is losing an argument based on his/her/ze/kim/jon/ill lack of a logical argument, they immediately head straight to labelling and name calling. Words like racist, homophobic, transphobic, trumptard, and the like get thrown around. Of course, no one wants to be thought of as coward (phobic), unduly judgmental, or placed into the same group as skinheads or Klansmen. So, in essence, they shut down your argument, or frustrate you in such a way that you respond illogically. Either way, you let them have the argument, or you immediately jump to an emotional response. It’s a win for them.

This tactic is the equivalent of a 6 year old calling another six year old poopy pants over and over again. While the one being called poopy pants may not have actually dropped a snickers bar in his hulk under roos, if he’s called that enough, he’s going to get emotional and as a result, lose control of himself and the situation.

  • Use of the word “democracy” inappropriately: We’ve been taught that democratic processes are the standard by which the world should be judged. The ancient Greeks, in their infinite knowledge of political thought gave us the holiest of governing ideas, and to threaten this holy of holies is a crime against humanity. Libs like to invoke it often in tweets and/or debates when criticizing political opponents. Phrases like, “to protect our democracy”, or “a threat to our democracy”, or “for the sake of democracy” get thrown around more than the word “racist” at a defund the police rally.

One big problem with invoking “democracy” in an argument is that it actually doesn’t apply in most contexts. The U.S. is not a democracy. It’s a democratic republic, and frankly, I’m glad of it. The last thing anyone should want is for folks who elected Cuomo, AOC, Pelosi, or Newson deciding how this country is ruled.

  • “For the Children or Seniors”: Not quite as prevalent as is it used to be, but another sales tactic often used by the left to get their whiney little way is to invoke images of downtrodden kids or grannies who have been forced to eat Alpo (actual political advert in the 90’s. Look it up). Obviously, no one wants old people or the micro peeps to go hungry or to be harmed in anyway, and no one wants to seem uncaring. The problem, however, is that the left usually invokes these types of images to justify expanding an overreaching government program, an additional expenditure, and/or a tax increase.

Look, forcing someone to turn over their hard earned cash at gunpoint to the most inefficient entity to ever exist is not the most productive way to help granny kick her Alpo habit. Giving to a nonprofit charity, or personally going over and feeding her is a much better way to be a giving person. Plus, you’re not forcing anyone else to participate against their will.

At this point, your attention span is probably waning, so suffice it to know that the left has a stable of phrases, terms, and tactics to shut you, the liberty minded individual, down. Recognize it, counteract it, call BS, or whatever you have to do to let logic and reason prevail.

Stay woke in the right way my friends.

Wes Herndon

Wes Herndon

Cohost of The Driveway Liberty Podcast

Wes is co-host, engineer, web designer, and web marketer of The Driveway Liberty Podcast. Wes is also the host of “Woke with Wes.”

Owner of a web design and web marketing company that serves clients all over the country, Wes has finally figured out how to put his degree in political science to use.

Ideologically speaking, Wes considers himself a Libertarian in the truest sense of the word.  In his opinion, liberty should be placed above all things, and government’s sole role in society is to protect the individual’s liberties.

If you like guns, liberty, and hate taxation, or if you just like fat guys with beards, you’re going to love Wes.

The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.” -John Locke