Walton County Florida: WaltonPolitics.com recently sent out an email smearing Joseph Turner, the newly hired assistant county administrator for Walton County.  

We here at DLP have done some digging and have even reached out to Joe Turner himself. This is what we’ve found. 

Turner was a prominent supporter of President Donald Trump from California, and  a well-known activist who fought vehemently against the criminality of illegal immigration when he lived in California.

He was also elected to the San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee, where he served on the endorsement committee, and was heavily involved in managing and volunteering for Republican political campaigns.  Yes, in Cali that’s kind of a losing effort, but you’ve got admire his fight.  

So, why are the cowards hiding behind the WaltonPolitics.com email smear campaign aligning themselves with Cali Democrats who hate President Trump and support open borders? 


Well, that short answer is that they are Democrats in Republican clothing…but more specifically, their ideologies closely aligned with their California leftist counterparts who originally started smearing Joe long before he arrived in Walton County. 

The truth behind the so-called “article” referenced by WaltonPolitics.com is as follows: 

The article referenced was published by a leftist site called “La Comadre.”  

 La Comadre is owned by Alma Marquez. Marquez who supports amnesty for illegal aliens along with open borders. According to her Twitter bio, she has worked as the California Latino Vote Director for the Obama campaign. She supported the impeachment of Donald Trump and calls Republicans “thugs in suits.” 

Check out some of Marquez’s twitter history:


In addition, the author of the La Comadre story was a Democrat operative named Leticia Garcia who was an officer for a local Democrat Lunch Club, worked for a Democrat legislator, and was elected to the local school board to purposely continue the grooming of the California’s youth in the ways of liberalism.

 But it gets even better.  

 Garcia lied about being married to a gangbanger who was convicted of a double homicide so that she could get elected to the school board.  (See the fontana Article Below)

Turner’s “crime” is that he is vehemently against illegal immigration…which if you’ll look closely, contains the word “illegal”.  He believes it is impossible to put America first if we are putting American children second to illegal aliens.

Why are these Leftist cowards attacking a lifelong Republican who voted for Trump? And why are they pushing the leftist agenda of anti-American, anti-Trump liberals who want open borders….right here in Walton County Florida…. The freest place on this planet?

It’s simple.

Turner has a reputation for being a true limited government conservative who shrinks government, holds employees accountable, and does not compromise his ethics and values in the name of rewarding nepotism and the back-room deals orchestrated by the “Good Ol’ Boys.”  

More importantly, why are Tony Anderson and other Walton County Board members showing their full support for illegal Immigration by engaging in a witch hunt against Turner? Why are they towing the leftist line? What is their real agenda?

Makes one think…  

See more about Garcia below along with the article supporting claims. 

Article referenced above.