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Since our very first show aired during the Covid Lockdowns, we have been humbled and overwhelmed at the scores of people who enjoy listening to three guys sitting in a driveway while drinking beer and discussing politics.

Serving a larger and more noble purpose.

All capitalist objectives aside, we believe we are serving a larger and more noble purpose.

Our prime directive is to encourage more front porch patriots to become interested and engaged in the political process. Doing so is the only chance we have at saving our country from those within its’ borders who’d see her destroyed, and it is the only way we can preserve the American way of life. (Cue the Lee Greenwood music).

In order to achieve this directive, we need to create more content, gain access to additional avenues of distribution, and upgrade our production technology to include video and live stream production capabilities. We cannot do this without your help, and we don’t expect you to help without receiving a fair return on that assistance.

Why you should consider sponsoring the cast!!

Our listeners are Loyal People who are Liberty Minded Individuals with Expendable Income.

Our listeners are from all walks of life: professionals, business captains, retirees, and even Joe Sixpack. Plus, our listeners are the types of people who are extremely loyal to brands and businesses who share their philosophies. While a dollar is a dollar, I think we can agree that we’d prefer to do business with people who think like us.

Sponsoring our Cast helps Perpetuate Conservative Principles.

Conservative principles always resonate and win when presented in a clear and concise way. Traditional media fails to do that. By sponsoring this podcast, you help facilitate and amplify an unfiltered message of liberty and contribute to empowering other, like-minded individuals to become more active and engaged in the political process.

An Advert on our Cast is a True Endorsement from us of your Product or Service.

We DO not accept adverts/sponsorships from businesses who fail to share our love for liberty and conservative principles. If your business is accepted as a sponsor, it’s more than a paid advertisement for us on the cast, it’s a real endorsement from us as

As we Grow, Your sponsorship costs won’t.

For all sponsors during our initial advertising push, advert pricing will remain the same for as long as we’re on the air. Yep, regardless of how much our show grows, your advertising rate will never increase. (Requires continous monthly sponsorship)

You want to grow your business and if you are liberty minded, we want to see that as well.

Sponsoring The Driveway Liberty Podcast serves that objective by placing your business and your value proposition directly in front of a captive audience of liberty loving, like-minded listeners.

We have several thousand liberty-loving listeners enjoying our casts every week. Those listeners are from all over the country and the world. They love patronizing liberty-loving businesses, and they are a very loyal client base. This makes your sponsoring our podcast a winning scenario.

We are the NUMBER ONE Political Podcast on our podcast server.

The site that hosts our cast,, has over 28,000 podcasts with content that covers a variety of topics, and thanks to our listeners, we are not only number one in politics, but are consistently ranked in the top 250 across ALL genres… and we continue to gain ground every week.

Where our listeners are throughout the country. (Blue dots represent higher concentration of listeners)

Where our listeners are throughout the world. (Darker blues represent higher concentration of listeners)

The Nuts and Bolts:

As of today, we have four advertising areas in which you can sponsor the cast. They are:  A Title Sponsor, Beer Segment Sponsor, Individual Host Beer Segment Sponsor, and Patriot Sponsor. All levels include additional mentions in social media and logo placement on our site, and a backlink from our website to yours.  Below you’ll find the particulars along with base rates for each.


Title Sponsor: (Only One Spot Available…3-month commitment required)

Your business/organization and your value proposition, tagline, or the like will be mentioned during the intro of each show we air, after each break, and during the outro of the podcast. Plus, we’ll run a pre-recorded commercial or “matter of fact” discussion about/for your business at some point during the first or second segment of each cast. Plus, once we go to video, we’ll run a video commercial of your business during the cast. (Video production provided by you)/ Plus PLUS… PLUS, we’ll interview you for one segment on the show.


Contact us Today for Rate information: (Only one spot per show available)

Beer Segment Review Sponsor: (Only one spot per show available)

How would you like to hear, “It’s time for the (insert your business name here) beer/drink review.”? This slot is great for breweries, distilleries, bars, pubs, and other drinking related establishments. (can be a liquor/adult drink/milkshake/coffee/sweet tea review)

Contact us Today for Rate information:


Host Beer Segment Sponsor (Three spots per show available):

You could sponsor a cohosts individual beer review “This is Travis, and my beer review today is sponsored by (insert your business name here). Also great for breweries, distributors, distillers, and the like.

Contact us Today for Rate information:

*Base rate includes one spot on one show per week. Discounts available for multiple slots during one show or spots on multiple shows per during the same week.


Patriot Sponsor: (Multiple Slots per show)

For each show, we have a minimum of 4 additional advertising spots available. We can produce a pre-recorded spot or talk up your business during a “matter of fact” discussion. Your call. Plus, when we go to video, you’ll have the option of giving us a preproduced 30 second video to be used for your spot.

Contact us Today for Rate information:

Includes one spot on one show per week. (Discounts available for multiple slots during one show, or spots on multiple shows during the same week)


Shout-Out Sponsor: (One mention/One Episode) 4 episode commitment

At a time of the hosts choosing, we will mention the name of your business only. For example,
“this segment sponsored by ABC plumbing, Jones Electrical, and Bob’s Music Store.” Your logo will also be listed on our website with other sponsors.

Contact us Today for Rate information:

Additional Options:

LIVE ON LOCATION RECORDING OF A PODCAST: We can come to you, record a cast at your location, interview you while we’re there, and do setup so your audience can hear us LIVE. We bring a PA, all recording equipment, ourselves, and the content for a full podcast at your location.

Contact us Today for Rate information:

Production Costs:

For all pre- recorded audio commercials produced by Driveway Liberty Media, LLC, the base rate is $500 per produced spot. “Matter of fact” spots or sponsor provided adverts incur no additional charges.



Contact us today for details on multiple spot discounts and/or to initiate your advert campaign.