History of The Driveway Liberty Podcast

How it all started

Believe it or not, The Driveway Liberty Podcast was conceived, born, and birthed in an actual driveway.  As a matter of fact,  the driveway is where we recorded and/or streamed the majority of our content for three years… hence the name, duh! Full credit for the idea goes to “literally” the best grill man on the Emerald Coast, Dan “The Grill Man” Matacchiero.

During Covid lockdowns in Florida, Dan, Wes, and Travis (Who has recently step down from Driveway Liberty Media) along with several other neighbors who had grown tired of the seclusion that the government forced upon us, would gather in Wes’s driveway.

The lockdowns had us absolutely stir crazy so we used the driveway as an outlet to escape all of the new lockdown projects our wives were creating, and the monotonous life of being quarantined.

What started as a casual hangout to drink beer and tell lies quickly turned into serious political discussions about Covid, government control, social issues, conspiracies, beer, and of course sports… because that’s what dudes do…

So, here we are today. Consistently the Number ONE most popular political podcast on Podomatic.com, and in the top 250 of all subjects of the podcasts.

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