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We’re not wrong, but sometimes the way we say it just ain’t right!

The Driveway Liberty Podcast centers around two guys sitting around in their driveway discussing current events, politics, religion, political philosophy, and various conspiracy theories while drinking beer.

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The Birth of a Podcast

Believe it or not, The Driveway Liberty Podcast was conceived, born, and birthed in an actual driveway.  It is also where we recorded and/or streamed the majority of our casts for the first three years… hence the name, duh! Credit for the idea goes to Dan “The Grill Man” Matacchiero.

During Covid lockdowns in Florida, Dan, Wes, and Travis (who has recently stepped down as a principle of Driveway Liberty Media and regular cohost) along with several other neighbors who had grown tired of the seclusion that the government forced upon us, would gather in Wes’s driveway.  That’s where the idea was forged.


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