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Did you know that you can hire the guys to speak at your event on a variety of topics…some of which aren’t even political? We can even do it without cussing.

Why you should hire one or all of the guys to present/MC/moderate your next event?


They’re funny and entertaining.

They’re insightful.

They’re Deep political thinkers.

They know a lot about business, business management, and service practices.

They know how to “work a crowd”

They know beer.


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Have Travis Speak at Your Event

Have Travis Speak at Your Event

Supply Chain Management, Restaurant Management, Sales Force Management


Some of the Topics Travis can Speak About:

  • Supply Chain Conservation
  • Mobilization and Action Against the left.
  • Miller Lite
  • How to piss off your local Tourist Development Council.
  • Being yourself in a world that wants you to be someone else.
Have Wes Speak at Your Event

Have Wes Speak at Your Event

Serial Entrepreneur, Customer Service Expert, Sales Management Guru, Marketing Management, Political Philosopher, SInger/Songwriter/Musician

Topics Wes can Speak about:

  • Examining your own Political Ideology
  • Intellectual Honesty in Life and Political opinion
  • Combatting Modern Liberalism with Classical Liberalism
  • Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Small Business
  • Web Marketing Tactics for Small Business
  • Motivating others
  • How to win an election.
  • What NOT to do when running a business.
  • What IS government’s role supposed to actually be…
  • Growing your hair long during a pandemic.
  • Marketing your musical act or band.
  • Podcast Production, Creation, and Marketing.
  • Several Other related topics.
Have Dan Speak at Your Event

Have Dan Speak at Your Event

Big Box Retail Management, Small Business Management, Nonprofit Sector, Referee


Some of the Topics Dan can Speak About:

  • Small Business Management
  • How to get banned from Twitter every week.
  • The failures of the administration on Covid and the so called vaccine.
  • ESG scores and the Great Reset.
  • Election Integrity
  • Arguing with Liberals Online.
  • How to escape the left’s demonic cult.
  • Best way to clean your grill.
  • How to piss off your HOA.
  • Being an effective coach to your football/baseball team.


Have all three guys come give a presentation and/or record a live podcast at your event.


Minimum Fee: $1,000 for one of us, $3000 for all three for presentations only. If we're recording at your location, our minimum fee is $5000. Travel (business class or higher for flights) per mileage if driving, accommodations (three rooms if booking all three of us), and meals if event is more than 60 miles from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. (Ask about local events for possible lower or gratis fees)

  • Includes presentation on day and/or evening of event, and availability for press appearance immediately prior to and/or after event.

Requirements (May Vary based on Topic):

  • Public Address System with wireless mic(s) or headset(s).
  • HDMI usable projector/big screen TV, remote and projection screen.
  • White board and dry erase pens.


Group Presentation Topics or Event Functions:

  • Moderate a town hall.
  • Facilitate a debtate between candidates
  • Presentation on combatting woke culture.
  • Presentation on how JOE SIXPACK can get more involved in the political process.
  • Presentation on How to get your neighbor more engaged.
  • Presentation: Why it’s important for you to be involved.
  • Presentation on giving a second for the 2nd.
  • Presentation: God wants us to be happy…which is why he invented beer.

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